Tidal Pools in Cornwall

We had an interesting question from a camper this morning – can you recommend a tidal pool nearby for swimming? There are lots of natural tidal pools in Cornwall and here are some of the closest ones to Treglisson…

Chapel Rock Tidal Pool, Perranporth

25 minutes from Treglisson

The small tidal pool at Perranporth is not easy to spot. It’s only when you climb up some of the low rocks on the left of the beach (as you look at the sea), that you’ll find it. The pool itself is replenished by the sea twice per day during high tide.

Jubilee Pool, Penzance

OK so this isn’t a classic tidal pool, but it is a modern outdoor pool on the seafront and the water is replenished by the sea.. It’s actually an art deco lido. Originally opened in 1935 it was named in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V. The pool was renovated again in 2020 – and this time made use of Cornwall’s unique geothermal rocks which are used to heat a section of the pool.

This one isn’t free though so you’ll have to pay from £4.50 -£6.00 for swim in the main pool, and £8 – £11 for the geothermal pool (prices correct at time of writing).

Portreath Tidal Pool

Portreath Tidal Pool

18 minutes from Treglisson

Close to the breakwater pier, on the far right of the beach, is this small tidal pool. Another smaller pool, to the left of the beach is Lady Basset’s Bath. Thought to date from the 1780 for Lady Bassett they were made for her and her daughter, Frances. If you climb around the rocks there are actually a number of ‘baths’ (actually shaped like baths) on the rocks.

Mousehole Rock Pool

26 minutes from Treglisson

This is quite a small pool, but it is a great place for children to splash around. Knee deep to a grown up, it’s good for cooling off. While you dangle your feet in the pool you can take in he spectacular views across Mounts Bay towards Lizards Point.

Children’s Pool – Cape Cornwall 

 35 minutes from Treglisson

It is a part natural, part rockpool, offering safe paddling not far from the most westerly point of mainland Briton. 

Pools further away…

There are other pools, futher away which are also lovely, such as Treyarnon Bay.

As kids we used to visit Tinker Bunny’s Bathing pool near Porth Missen Beach, Trevone (North Cornwall). We remember it being very deep but then we were very young!

If tidal pools aren’t your thing then Hayle has it’s own lido